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Scott McCullar (マカラ スコット) is a  Professional Graphic Designer, Writer, and Visual Artist that is employed by the Illinois State Board of Education as a Principal Consultant. He is also the creator-owner of THRILL SEEKER COMICS™ Pulp Action & Adventure Anthology independent series featuring The Yellow Jacket: Man of Mystery™ that he currently writes and illustrates as co-founding partner for Bandito Entertainment. Previously, he has worked for various publishers including DC Comics, Campfire, IDW, Shooting Star Comics, and West End Games.


For nearly two decades, he has worked in Higher Education as an Adjunct Faculty Professor in the Fine Arts and Communication Arts curriculum programs and served as a Marketing Communications Manager and Creative Director.


McCullar earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Drawing and Printmaking from Illinois State University in 1993 and Master of Science (M.S.) in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University in 2012.


His interests are multi-faceted that include playing bass guitar, drawing, reading, watching films, and collecting vintage toys, comics and record albums. McCullar continues to practice karate primarily studying Yoshukai hard style. He recently traveled abroad to Japan to study Shotokan. Previously in his youth, he was a student of Shudo-Kan and Shito-Ryu styles. He also studies other Japanese and/or Okinawan martial art forms that include Iaido, Kobudo, Jiu-jitsu, and Kyudo. As a black belt practitioner, he assists in teaching self-defense classes with the Yoshukai Karate-do Kenkyukai dojo located in Williamsville, Illinois with Sensei Clay Roberts.


Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he has previously lived in California, Georgia, and Japan, – but for the most part – he has lived most of his existence in the prairie lands of Central Illinois. Divorced for a few years now, he is the father of two nearly grown children that he deeply loves – Rachel and Mitch – and enjoys spending quality time with them and traveling.


Scott currently resides in Springfield, Illinois with his girlfriend – Mary.



The Independent Pulp Action and Adventure Anthology series returns with a 128-page graphic novel  re-mastered collection of the original short stories and webstrips published by Shooting Star Comics.


Available now while supplies last is a 24-page sampler with three short stories for $4.95 + Shipping. Let me know if you want it autographed!


THRILL SEEKER COMICS™ is also returning with all-new tales in new online comics strips and print comics published by Bandito Entertainment.



email: scott@scottmccullar.com

phone: (217) 415-7081


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